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Butterfly Art with Messages of Hope and Joy to Build Community

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13 of 250 volunteers have pledged their time

Project Description

Michigan State University's AgeAlive invites you to join in a Community Building Project that inspires hope, joy, and social connectedness through art making and beauty. A sense of community is critical to well-being at any time, and is especially important now when people are so isolated due to COVID-19. COVID-19 restrictions make it harder to reach out to help others who are at risk for loneliness. This project provides a simple, virtual, fun way to give to others by saying thank you to an individual or group doing good work in the community.

Help spread cheer by creating a virtual photo garden of handmade paper flowers and butterflies. No artistic talent or experience required.

Simply go to the AgeAlive website (, click on The Butterfly Effect project, and follow the instructions. Make at least one paper butterfly and write an uplifting message on the wings or on a sign to hold along with the butterfly for a photo or selfie. Send in the photo, along with your city/country and your graduation year to AgeAlive and it will be added to the MSU Alumni Virtual Garden and map. The goal is to have every country represented with butterflies!

Extra bonus: Once photos are taken, mail out your butterflies to someone special.

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Project Date

April 16 - 18, 2021

Project Locations and Shifts

Due to the virtual nature of this project, no physical location is associated.

This project has no shifts. Volunteers can work on it at any time.

Project Coordinator