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On April 13, Spartans around the world came together to serve their local communities. From cleaning up beaches, to restoring zoo habitats, to distributing food to those in need, Spartans showed up in a big way. With 1455 volunteers contributing to 111 projects around the globe, it's safe to say that Global Day of Service 2019 was a success.

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Backyard service project  - Backyard service project
Food bank box stuffing - food bank box stuffing
Food bank box stuffing with bread - Food bank box stuffing with bread
Outdoor cleanup in the forest - Outdoor cleanup in the forest
Spartan volunteers stand around flag - Spartan volunteers stand around flag
Woman cleaning up the park - Woman cleaning up the park
Volunteers cleaning up trash - Volunteers cleaning up trash
Spartan cap on man's head - Spartan cap on man's head
Food bank project  - Food bank project
Hauling groceries into car - Hauling groceries into car

Featured Projects

Student Project

Swim and Splash with KEEN at 92nd Street Y

New York, NY

Enjoy an afternoon at the pool with children and teens with disabilities. Assist children and teens as they splash around or complete a lap at the shallow end of the pool. Volunteers must be comfortable standing in the shallow end of a pool, and working with children.

The session will run from 2:15pm to 4:45pm.

There are towels, showers, and locker rooms at the 92Y. KEEN will also provide swim caps, which is required for the pool. Some volunteers may prefer to bring their own towel and swim cap. We also suggest bringing a lock, change of clothes, and plastic bag for any wet items.

KEEN requires women to wear a one-piece bathing suit or something close to it (e.g. tankini). Bikinis are prohibited as the children may be pulling at you. Given this, we also suggest removing any jewelry (e.g. necklaces, earrings, etc.). You may wear a t-shirt in the pool, but it has to be white so that the dye does not leak into the pool. Some volunteers may find the water cold so you may want to wear a swim shirt.

Afterwards there will be a group happy hour close to the 92nd Street Y.

About KEEN (Kids Enjoying Exercise Now): Empower youth with disabilities by providing free, non-competitive one-to-one programs of exercise, fitness and fun, led by volunteer coaches. All of KEEN's programs are based on a single principle: pair a trained volunteer with an athlete and let them discover together how much they can do. Programs are all open and unstructured, allowing athletes facing significant challenges to have fun and be successful.

10 volunteers needed!

Make an Impact on YOUR Community

Serving our communities is one way that Spartans can demonstrate their extraordinary impact, and highlight the reach and power of the Spartan network.

Through an effort coordinated by the Office of MSU Alumni and our campus partners, service-minded Spartans from around the globe - individual alumni, alumni clubs, groups, Spartan-led companies, businesses, non-profits and student organizations are currently registering service projects. We invite you to volunteer now for one of these established projects, or create your own.