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Spartans Serve FAQ

What is Spartans Serve?

When you're a Spartan, you're part of something far bigger than campus' 5,200 acres. We're a global community more than 500,000 strong and we're passionate about making the world a better place. Spartans Serve is a year-round effort designed to show the world the incredible impact Spartans make through community service.

Each fall, we celebrate Spartans Serve Week, which highlights the effect Spartans have through collective effort. 

Our proud tradition of service starts with the thousands of students who give back annually as part of the Center for Community Engaged Learning, registered student organizations, their academic units and our Spartan Days of Service. After graduation, alumni are inspired to serve through our alumni clubs, their employers or for personal causes they care about. Making a difference is what Spartans do.

Who can participate in Spartans Serve?

Volunteering is a wonderful activity to share and everyone is welcome to participate! We’re happy to have members of the extended Spartan community join us, so bring your family and friends. If there are any restrictions, they will be noted in service project description. We do request that all volunteers register for the service project they’re interested in.

I already volunteer in my community so why should I participate in Spartans Serve?

We recognize that many Spartans are already actively involved in service to their local communities. Spartans Serve encourages alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends to come together in service, connect with each other and their communities and represent Michigan State University.

What if there is no service project in my community?

New projects are added regularly, so keep checking this website.

If you don’t see a service project listed near you, we encourage to first contact your local alumni club. Many of our alumni clubs coordinate service projects on a regular basis. They welcome suggestions for additional opportunities to serve their community.

You may also coordinate with a community partner and register your own service project.

How hard is it to coordinate a service project?

Coordinating a service project is a rewarding experience and isn’t complicated, but it will involve a time commitment from you. Be sure to review the Project Planning Guide.

How do I volunteer for a service project?

It’s fast and easy! The first time you register for a service project, you’ll create a volunteer account. After creating your volunteer account, find a project you’re interested in, click the “Register” option for that project and follow steps to register. 

We do request that all volunteers register for the service project they’re interested in. 

Can I also volunteer others for a service project?

Yes. For all volunteers 18 years of age or older, provide the volunteer’s name and email address, not your own. This ensures that each volunteer receives a confirmation email with information about the project and gets credit for their service. If the volunteer is under the age of 18, you may provide the email address of a parent or guardian.

What if the service project I want to volunteer for is full?

If the service project is full, consider volunteering for another service project. However, if you feel a strong connection to a particular project, contact the project coordinator regarding your interest.

What if I need to change or cancel my registration?

Sign in to your volunteer account, which lists all the projects you’ve volunteered for. Find the project and then click the "View/Edit Registration" option. 

Who should I contact with general questions about Spartans Serve?

Should you have additional questions, contact the MSU Alumni Office by email.