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Summer of Service Bingo!

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Project Description

This is a dual registation. Register here on this site AND at

View the May Bingo Card and read more details at

MSU students can earn prizes for volunteering and engaging with your community over the Summer by participating in CCEL’s Summer of Service Bingo!

Each month from May to August, a new Bingo card filled with various service activities will be released. If you’re one of the first 20 students to submit a Bingo (complete five service activities in-a-row), you’ll earn a Bingo Prize! And for your first Bingo earned, you will also receive a Summer of Service Bingo t-shirt and a vinyl sticker!

The Bingo Prize for May is this Sparty Squishy Pillow, and prizes for other months will be announced along with the release of the card or earlier. 

The Spartan who completes the most bingo spaces across all Bingo cards will win our Mega Prize: 2023 Season Tickets for MSU Football!

Even if you never complete a bingo, if you submit 5 or more spaces over the course of the whole summer, you are still eligible for an Active Participant Prize. This prize will include a Summer of Service t-shirt, sticker, and other CCEL merchandise.

To play, simply mark up a copy of the bingo card as you complete service activities throughout the month. Take pictures while completing service activities to include with your submission. For volunteering experiences, also be prepared to include the details of your service, including where and when you volunteered and the contact information of the event or volunteer coordinator (when applicable).

To win a Bingo Prize, you must:

  1. Register

  2. Be a current or incoming Fall 2023 student at Michigan State University

  3. Earn a Bingo (complete five service activities in a row) by the due date specified on the card

  4. Submit your Bingo Card through the Bingo Card Submission form by the due date specified on your card

  5. Be one of the first 20 participants to submit a Bingo by the due date

If you have any questions, please contact Bingo Facilitators Chloe Kwiecien at or Juliet McKaig at


Community Partner - MSU Center for Community Engaged Learning

MSU Center for Community Engaged Learning Accommodations

About MSU Center for Community Engaged Learning

The MSU Center for Community Engaged Learning has worked with students and the community to build and sustain relationships that are mutually beneficial. The Center’s core goal is to prepare students for lifelong civic and social responsibility. The meaningful partnerships between community and students enrich learning experiences while strengthening communities.


Project Date

April 24 - Aug. 31, 2023

Project Locations and Shifts

Due to the virtual nature of this project, no physical location is associated.

This project has no shifts. Volunteers can work on it at any time.

Project Coordinator