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Volunteer Tools

This year provides unique opportunities to explore virtual and socially distanced service projects. Limiting close face-to-face contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of disease. When planning or volunteering for a project, please know and follow the guidance from your local public health authorities.    

Here are some guidelines and tips for social distancing. For information about the status of COVID-19 at MSU, please see the Together We Will website.

So, you’re interested in creating a service project or you’ve now got a project on this website but you’re looking for some guidance or have some questions? The documents below will assist you.

The “Project Planning Guide” is your comprehensive, “go-to” source, intended to assist in the creation, registration, promotion, execution and follow-up of a service project. Whether this is your first time coordinating a service project or you consider yourself a seasoned project coordinator, we encourage all who create a project to review this guide.

The “Global Day of Service Brand Kit” provides guidance and tools for marketing and promoting your service project, including graphics, sample social media copy and the official social media accounts of the MSU Alumni Office and Michigan State University so you can share your service project with us. Note that after this year’s Global Day of Service on April 17, we’ll have a general Spartans Serve Brand Kit available here.

Ready to register your service project? Check out “Registering a Service Project.” This document is also included in the “Project Planning Guide.”

“Managing a Service Project” provides information on how to edit your service project if necessary and managing volunteers including downloading a list of volunteers or changing their contact information. This document is also included in the “Project Planning Guide.”

Finally, don’t forget to have all volunteers sign-in on the day of your service project. The “Volunteer Sign-in” is a print-ready sign-in sheet we encourage you to use.

Volunteer Tools