The MSU Global Day of Service

Planning Your Project

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Global Day of Service. The success of your project will depend on many factors, but having a local volunteer who is willing to take on a leadership role is perhaps the most critical. We have created a series of tools for project leaders that will assist in the successful creation and execution of your project.

Be sure to download a copy of our 2018 Global Day of Service Project Planning Guide as it provides a great overview of tasks involved in managing a project in your community.

Timing / Calendar

March 4: Project registration soft deadline. The project registration site will remain open through mid-April, but for maximum exposure of projects, it is highly recommended that all projects are registered on the site by March 4.
March 5: Project registration for volunteers opens
March 19: Project promotion and volunteer recruitment begins
April 15: Volunteer registration closes
April 21: Global Day of Service

Volunteer Tools